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My name is Youssef and I show web designers of all levels how to design stunning websites & find profitable clients – and all without writing a single line of code.
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As a Zero Pattern student, you will get access to a dashboard with an ever growing list of video lectures & business document templates. Additionally, all students get 1-to-1 WhatsApp mentorship with me – value you will not find anywhere else online.
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Detailed Web Design Video Tutorials

Learn at your own speed

  • Design Beautiful & Effective Websites
  • Build Fast & Responsive Websites
  • Master Clear Typography & Layout
  • How to Leverage 3rd Party Tools
  • Learn How To Sell Strategy
    Clients pay BIG money for designers that can do research & strategy too.
  • work with Automation (Zapier, etc.)
  • and So much more
Tested Business Templates & Techniques

Refine your workflow

  • Learn how to Set & Increase Your Rates
  • Write Compelling Project Proposals
  • Find New Clients in Novel Ways
  • Get Paid On Time & On Your Terms
  • Leverage & Expand Your Network
  • Tactics to Avoid Difficult Clients
  • and So much more
One-to-One WhatsApp Mentorship

Detailed answers to your questions

Learning a new skill requires hard work, which is why all my students get direct access to me on WhatsApp. Ask me anything and you will receive detailed, thoughtful and personalised answers from me.
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$675+ worth of free resources

  • 2 Weeks Free Bonsai
  • 25% off Streamline Icons
  • 3 Months Free FOMO
  • and more coming soon
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From time-to-time, when I have an important announcement to make, I'll send an email out.
Student Testimonials

My students are making big moves in their lives

“The mentorship is a steal. Youssef spends hours each month answering all my questions and pushing me to improve. After 4 months, I closed $12k in deals. Now, I’m leaving to travel full-time while doing client work online.”
Shane Rostad
Zero Pattern Student
”In a matter of weeks, I unlocked the confidence I needed and landed my first client. Youssef's value packed feedback & guidance helped me achieve my goals and moved me a step closer to my dreams.”
Ivan Cadena
Zero Pattern Student
Germán Alejandro
A mentorship is one of the best investments you could make in yourself. If you’re serious about stepping up your game, talk to Youssef.
Sally Robson
All this value I can’t comprehend all of it this is amazing.
Cole Higgins
In one phone call, Youssef got me aligned with my goals & offered immense value in practical ways of achieving my dreams. I walked away from that call ready to work, clear headed & energised. Youssef is an ace in the sleeve as I move forward, call this man!
Debra D
All this value, I can’t comprehend all of it. This is amazing.
Fernando Hidalgo
Youssef's practical and honest feedback has been crucial to growing my business. He has guided me out of common mistakes and challenged me when I needed it. Highly recommended!
Sam Kent
Awesome helpfulness.
Pogo M
i like how matter of fact you are about the fact that 9 to 5 is crazy and web design is the sane option.
Clara Walsh
Your freelance web design video is gold and inspiring. Everyone should peep it.
Meet Your Mentor

Youssef here!

After 15 years as a web designer, I realised there were no clear or easy way to learn web design. Just lots of generic courses or YouTube tutorials that lacked the necessary depth. This is why I've created Zero Pattern – a hybrid video course & WhatsApp mentorship educational program.

In addition to that, web design has enabled me to make more money than I ever thought possible, while getting to work on creative projects with high-quality clients. This allowed me to quit the office job and travel the world, and it is my belief that many other people would be happy with this lifestyle too.
Youssef Sarhan
Founder, Zero Pattern
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  • Do you want own a lucrative & reliable web design business?
  • Would you benefit from the direct support of a very experienced designer?
  • Do you want to make progress and learn something new everyday?
  • Are you tired of working 9-5 at a job that doesn't give you true freedom?
  • Are you ready to put in consistent work?
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  • Learn Something Everyday
  • Get Financial Independence
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  • Detailed Video Lectures
  • Business Document Templates
  • 1-to-1 WhatsApp Mentorship
  • $675+ of free resources
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  • Detailed Video Lectures
  • Business Document Templates
  • 1-to-1 WhatsApp Mentorship
  • $675+ of free resources
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