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Minimal Portfolio Design Tutorial

A good landing page is a must for all digital professionals. As designers, it's easy to become so focused on designing websites for our clients, that we forget to design a website for ourselves. In this step-by-step portfolio design tutorial, I take you through the entire process of creating a clear, simple and effective portfolio landing page. The focus here is to make your portfolio as clear as possible for prospective clients. In doing so, increasing the chances of them hiring you, by signalling your capability and availability. As usual, I will be using Webflow to create this website. You can sign-up for a Webflow account here, if you don't already have one.

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • How to structure the design of a clear and simple landing page.
  • How to draw attention to the things prospective clients care about.
  • How to communicate your capability and availability.
  • The skills you will learn in this lessons are transferable and can be used on landing pages for all kinds of client, not just your portfolio landing page.